Affinity Photo: PS Replacement

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Affinity Photo App Icon

Ever since Adobe started renting their software with annual (or monthly) fee-based subscription access, I have been actively looking for a photo editing application I could use to replace Photoshop. Photoshop has become insanely over-priced, poorly supported, and the rental access arrangement sent me over the edge with the company.

Affinity PhotoI think I’ve found a suitable replacement: Affinity Photo. Not only does it appear to have all of the tools I routinely use, some of them function much better than Photoshop’s equivalent tools, text being one example.

I downloaded the free trial to try it out and was immediately impressed with it’s ease of use and large collection of “how to…” videos. Of course, I’m having to learn new work flows, but the application has proved sufficiently powerful to actually entice me to set it as the system default application for editing photos of all types. I want to force myself to learn the new workflows until they are as second nature as PS workflows.

I whipped out these very quickly. The selection brush tool in Affinity is like a gift from the graphics gods!

SFO shoes 01 SFO shoes 02

SFO shoes 03

I was delighted to see Affinity Photo received Apple’s coveted Apple App of the Year Award for 2015! Affinity Photo already has 6 extensions that work inside the Apple Photos app. The application is well done, carefully thought out, re-invisioned—not a PS rehash! I’ll leave the detailed review to those who do that sort of thing for a living.

Compared to PS, the application is all but free! It’s very inexpensive. And because of its receiving the Apple App of the Year Award for 2015, it’s on sale for $39.00 (regularly just  $49.)1 In a variety of ways it offers a better approach to photo editing. I highly recommend it.

Here’s Affinity Photo’s introductory video which gives a fast overview of the software.

Affinity Photo from MacAffinity on Vimeo.

  1. Compare that to PS costing well over $1k back in the day when you could actually buy it!