Tim Little Planet Headlands

New Profile Pic from Bubl

Bublcam is about the size of a tennis ball and has 4 cameras precisely positioned on it.

I continue to be crazy, crazy busy, just returning from an unexpected and quick trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. I took my new Bublcam with me. I’ve had it for some time, but I’ve not had the time to try it out much at all.

So, what is a Bubl cam, you ask? It’s about the size of a tennis ball and has 4 cameras in it. It was a Kickstarter project in which I participated.

The Bubl cam shoots a 360º pano in a single shot and automatically stitches the pano immediately after shooting it. It also shoots 1080 (HD) 360º video and also stitches that, as well.

It’s a rather remarkable little device.

I took the camera with me to the bay area this week in the hopes I would have the chance to shoot a few test shots in the Headlands. I did indeed shoot several panos and will share some of them in time.

360º panos can have several different “views.” One of those views is called “little planet.” Try this link to see numerous amazing example. I’ve posted a little planet view a time (or two) before on my blog.

The little planet view provides an interesting spherical perspective that exaggerates tall objects as they appear to jut out from the sphere. So, standing near the “edge of the planet” on the Pacific Ocean, I shot this pano and share is as my latest profile pic in the little planet view. The image below is a screenshot from my iPhone.

Tim Little Planet Headlands

In the pano above, you can see the shadow cast by the Bublcam. It was on a tiny Gorilla tripod with magnetic feet that “grabbed” the fence, which was a metal railroad beam.

And here’s another. This abandoned structure was the location for the controls that moved the huge metal underwater “fence” suspended in the water below the Golden Gate Bridge during WWII. It was supposed to prevent submarines from entering the bay.

This technology is rapidly advancing. I’m also participating in another 360º camera Kickstarter project that will shoot 4k video in 360º. That camera should be in my little hands in January.