Bill & Sally’s 50th Anniversary

They are an amazing couple. Both are bright, kind, spiritual, ahead of their time, and just delightful.

Today was the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, and people came from all over the country. As you might suspect, Bill is exceptionally gregarious or, as they say, “has never met a stranger.” And trust me, he hasn’t.

This afternoon, as they acknowledged various guests from the hundreds that were selected to attend, Bill told several of his amazing stories. This is one of them:

This was many years ago in Atlanta, when Delta had local offices where you could buy your tickets. A man ahead of me in line apparently didn’t get the deal he thought he should have  and began using terrible profanity to the woman behind the counter. After this continued for a moment, I stepped up and said to this fella, ‘Sir, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop using this kind of language to my wife.’ The angry man looked a little taken aback. The lady behind the counter was Kimberly, and I am delighted that she is here to celebrate my wife and my 50th anniversary. Kimberly, would you stand.”

Bill is a white guy, and Kimberly, a black lady, stood and waved to everyone. Keep in mind, this happened years ago when racism was an even bigger problem in the southeast than it is today. Bill just cares about treating people fairly, with dignity and respect. That’s also his job.

Running Group
Some of the Running Group

Bill, a judge on the bench in Atlanta for many years now, grew up in Tennessee and supports marriage equality. He has run with a close group of friends (my husband included) for many years in downtown Atlanta, and they were all invited to today’s celebration. He made a point to ask that they all stand, including their spouses. That was a tribute to my husband and me.

Thanks, Bill. We think the world of you and Sally!