Watercolor of WCT

New House ATL: First Unveiling

Watercolor of WCTWell, the new house is by no means finished, but I’m sick to death of it1. It has taken 5 months to get this far, and I’ve reached the end of my patience with the whole process. So, even though it still requires a lot more work, I’m declaring the job done. I need closure, and closure has now been officially reached. I’m finished with it.

Normally I shoot photos with my good camera equipment, even make numerous panos. This house would make some awesome panos. But, many of the walls are and will remain bare. The floors will remain bare. Tim is finished.

This has been the move that never has ended. Last week we unexpectedly and suddenly sold a condo we had in the metro area because a buyer who needed a quick cash closing offered us an excellent deal—drug cartels or something (I’m kidding!!). So, we sold it to him. This of course meant moving all of that furniture out. The bulk of it has been squashed into this house. As I’ve said: I’m over the move that will never end! The only upside has been that this is a lovely house in an excellent location.

The view from inside the house is not the San Francisco Bay, by any means, but, for a metro Atlanta house, the view isn’t bad. Below are some iPhone pictures of the main living level.

Corner View
A Corner View
Park Across the Street
Park Across the Street

Living Room and Dining Room

Living Room 01 Living Room from back

Loft & Stairs

Kitchen and Loft with view of the back yardLoft from Kitchen Stairs & Loft

Master BathroomMaster Bathroom Master Bathroom

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom Master Bedroom Master Bedroom


From the Outdoor Terrace at night


  1. Everything has required ungodly amounts of time, and very few tasks are actually fully completed 

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  1. What a lovely home . I can tell there has been endless hours of work done . So happy for you both.

    1. Been talking about having you and Art over for a dinner party. Picking through the list for the perfect people to invite for a crazy evening of good food and fun!

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