Colonnade Movie

Colonnade: Lights, Cameras, Action

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, the Colonnade 1, on Monday of this week and saw that they would be closed all day, yesterday.

Apparently they are being used as the set in a movie.

We drove by yesterday, en route to/from another staple in our restaurant repertoire, and I shot this photo of all of the trucks and crew out in front. Additionally, a few buildings down, the actors dressing trailers seemed to be staged.

I’ll be curious to see what the movie is. They have already been used in at least one movie2 .

Colonnade Movie
The Parking Lot at the Colonnade

By the way, the Colonnade has the best southern fried chicken on the planet. Their grilled salmon is also to die for!

  1. literally, an Atlanta institution 

  2. Identity Thief