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@Comcast: You Are on Notice!

Google Fiber LogoYesterday I posted about your sweet little deal with the Atlanta test market. I’m over you, Comcast, and I want a divorce—the sooner the better!

I found out Google Fiber is coming to my area, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. I’ve asked them to keep me updated on their fiber network buildout.

And when they do arrive on this street, I don’t give a damn if they charge 2x what Comcast charges, I’m kicking Comcast’s ass back to the curb!

Your prices are obscene. Your customer service is nothing short of literal abuse! This morning I awoke to your router failing to connect to the www: 3rd time now! You’ve taken advantage of your being the only viable internet service provider for far too long.

HT: Lisa for the Google Fiber link info!