Piedmont Park Lake Clare Reflection Watercolor

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I guess you can now say that I officially live in Atlanta. We went walking in Piedmont Park where I took the quintessential “Atlanta” photo of the mid-rises reflecting in Lake Clare. The photo turned out nicely.

Piedmont Park Lake Clare Reflection

WaterloguedIn fact, the photo turned out so nicely I turned it into a watercolor using a new iOS app I recently discovered: Waterlogue. Below you see the results of the default settings on the picture above. Using the app is extremely easy. Tim likes. And the app icon is just too cute and clever: look at how the tail and head of the whale make up the top of the umbrella which is inversely complimented by the water under the whale. (I know, I’m strange to notice such things.)

Piedmont Park Lake Clare Reflection Watercolor

Ulysses Mac iconUlysses 2

Another app worthy of note: Ulysses 2. Ulysses is a word processing app for both the iPad and the Mac desktop. I have tried *numerous* basic word processing apps for the iPad. Ulysses is, hands down, the best of them all–by far. I will not go into all of the features, save to say the apps are cloud and device-based. If you want to explore their feature set, visit their website.

Since I bought the apps about a year ago, when it was a version 1 product, The Soulmen provided a free upgrade to their version 2 product. For quick, easy word processing without all of the frills I never use, I highly recommend Ulysses. The desktop companion app is also excellent. Tim likes!

The Soulmen totally changed the app icon. I hated their last icon and absolutely love this one! I like how the antenna Of the butterfly are really the quills from a fountain pen!

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad AirAnd finally…

Typing on the iOS devices small and large bugs me–always has. I just purchased the Logitech UltraThin Magnet Clip-on Keyboard Cover for the iPad Air 2. I’m using it now to write this post in Ulysses 2.

Here’s what I like most about the keyboard/cover thus far: I have a full screen while I type. I need that much context as I write. I just do. That much screen space allows me to easily edit, move things, keep my ideas fluid and visible both on screen and in my head.

Additionally, the keyboard is extremely thin and has little weight, has labeled keys for frequently used functions like Siri, search, cut/copy/paste, home button, and open apps–to just name some. This keyboard is an excellent companion for Ulysses. Tim Likes.

And there you have it.


P.S. I still am very much committed to being unplugged. In fact, as you probably have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much at all, which is really more of a function of moving than my unplugging.

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