My iPhone 6 Plus

My New iPhone 6 Plus

My iPhone 6 Plus

Initial impressions about my new iPhone 6 Plus

Above is a screenshot from my iPhone 6 Plus’ home screen1.

So here are my reflections on the plus after having only had it for 2 days:

  • Size: It’s big! It’s too big for me to hold comfortably in one hand and simultaneously use it with that hand.
  • Size: It’s big! I’m afraid I’m going to drop it. However, the leather case makes it far less slippery in my hand. But, I’ve still almost dropped it 3 times.
  • Size: It’s big! I love the large screen! Not only do I get the extra row of apps, several apps take advantage of the landscape view to provide visual access to more options/information.
  • Size: It’s big! I love the horizontal keyboard—a vast improvement over the tiny keyboard on the previous iPhones and the iPhone 6. This keyboard has my precious forward/backward arrow keys!! It has punctuation on the same screen. It has cut, copy, paste, undo, and bold. While I do a significantly increased amount of dictation, I really like the horizontal keyboard.My iPhone 6 Plus Keyboard
  • Size: It’s big! I rarely ever hold any phone to my ear when talking on the phone. I use speaker phone. It’s just easier and allows me to use my hands to use the phone in other ways while simultaneously talking on the phone. So, all of that to say: I haven’t felt it was too big for phone calls.
  • I have been challenged to remember that the power button is on the side. I continue to reach for it on the top. (The photos above show an older model phone casing.) And, when I try to turn off the screen with only one hand, I always hit the volume button on the opposing side of the device.
  • Camera: I bought the plus for one reason only—because of the camera, not because of it’s size2. I did a very brief test with it this weekend. I’ll probably post more on this topic later, when I can do a direct side-by-side comparison with Steve’s 6, when it arrives.

    However, I can tell you now, that the brief test I did shooting video from a moving car stunned me—and I mean stunned! me! I thought the characterization of video shot on the 6 Plus as “cinematic” was going to be a marketing overstatement—simply gross hyperbole! No. It’s not!

    The video is buttery smooth, beautiful, stable, gorgeously fluid. Shocking! Simply shocking!

    Additionally, the slow-mo is also shockingly awesome. Owners of the 5s have already been introduced to this feature, but I never had the 5s and wasn’t prepared for how elegantly the slow-mo works. The time-lapse option is also really cool!

    I can be and have been very critical of Apple’s marketing reality distortion machine, but Apple absolutely outdid themselves on this one! This camera makes me totally glad I bought the 6 Plus. I’ll just learn to deal with holding its large size in my hand until I become more comfortable with it.

I can’t wait to get out in the Bay Area and shoot video with this thing!

  1. I used the Reflector app. 

  2. The camera in the Plus is said to have better video image stabilization than the 6.