iOS 8: Now, That Just Ain’t Right!


Get ready…

I was sitting here working away when my new phone rang, the one with the new 415 number. Only one person in the whole world knows my new number right now, and the person calling wasn’t him. How did this other person, who I know, get my new number?

I checked my old phone, which was still on the charger at the opposite side of the house. It too had rung at that same time—the same person having called it. What?!

I had Steve call my old number. Get this: both the old phone and the new phone (the later on the new number) rang at the same time!

Huh?! How did that happen?!

I called T-Mobile. The call went out on WiFi and was really clear audio! In no time and with zero hassle I had a live human being on the phone for technical support! (Gotta love that!)

He too called the old phone number. Both phones (on different phone numbers) rang.


Because I had associated both numbers with my iCloud account (for FaceTime calls and Messages) on the new phone, and because both phones are running iOS 8, both phones ring when a person calls the old phone number!

Whoa, let that sink in!