Beverly Hills 90210

Announcing My New Phone Number

Beverly Hills 90210I just posted a moment ago that I switched mobile carriers (from AT&T to T-Mobile).

I also chose to change mobile numbers. I had a Beverly Hills area code (310) from my Los Angeles days and have now changed to a San Francisco Bay Area area code (415). After all, I do feel more like a hipster from the Bay Area than a high society media mogul from Beverly Hills!

My old number will continue to work until just before the end of this month. My new number is already working.

As I think of it, I’ll be notifying the few people with whom I regularly chat on the phone of the my number change1. If you would like my new phone number, feel free to contact me.

I actually think I’ll miss my old 310 number. It was easy for me to remember!

  1. Remember, Tim hates talking on the phone. See number 9 at this link