A Spectacle of Myself

A Spectacle on Myself

Most people make spectacles of themselves. I know I have certainly done so. But this week I have placed new spectacles on myself.

I decided to go with something that combines vintage with a dash of stylish singularity that makes a bit of a statement. I now consider myself old enough to make such statements!

My New Glasses
My New Glasses: Notice the arms are a translucent green
A Spectacle of Myself
A Spectacle of Myself

The Anne et Valentin frames are handmade in Paris. Her entire line is really awesome!

I picked a pair of these out for Steve over a year ago. It took a very long time for me and the store clerk to convince him that they looked really good on him. (I actually love the colors of his far better than these, but that color goes really well with his eye color, not mine.) He frequently has people rave about them, including one man who took a picture of them–determined to find a pair for himself.