Sausalito Fire Hydrant

Sausalito Fire Hydrant Bandit Re-emerges!

The villainous Sausalito fire hydrant bandit has re-emerged, gasp: with a new colour palate!

You may recall I previously posted about the bandit’s outrageously gratuitous and unsolicited art installations around town: painting the fire hydrants around Sausalito. He was even encountered on our street!

Well, apparently, the villain remains at large, unfettered by prison, and has struck again on our very street!

Now we sport a stylish red with white polka dots fire hydrant next to the neighborhood mailboxes.

What ever is the world coming to, I ask?! Oh, the unspeakable scandal! The villainy!

Bold. Vivid. With a limited palate that favors statement with a hint of brash…

Sausalito Fire Hydrant