The promise of technology was to democratize the world and bring us all together. Hmm… I’m thinking it has done more to place people in isolated silos than bring them together. I watch people at the dinner table not be present but rather be online. I’ve been exploring this notion for some time. This video is exceptionally well done. Shimi… Continue reading

Corporations Versus People

I think we live in the strangest of times: Corporations are considered people, and people are considered mere data points: test scores in school and profit margins as adults. And I continue to be revolted by religion, all over the world, including the fundamentalist movement in this nation, that tries to control women’s sexuality. It’s just some perverse, bizarre fixation… Continue reading

Paint the Barn

I recall, as a young child, hearing misogynist preachers say, “If the ole barn needs painting’, slap a coat on it.”. They were referring to their own enlightenment in allowing “liberated” women to now wear make up! I think they were trying to be funny while letting everyone know that God was now cool with women painting themselves. What simple… Continue reading

Sausalito Fire Hydrant Bandit Re-emerges!

The villainous Sausalito fire hydrant bandit has re-emerged, gasp: with a new colour palate! You may recall I previously posted about the bandit’s outrageously gratuitous and unsolicited art installations around town: painting the fire hydrants around Sausalito. He was even encountered on our street! Well, apparently, the villain remains at large, unfettered by prison, and has struck again on our… Continue reading