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iWork '09 LogoI have moaned and groaned before about Apple releasing new versions of software they know does not contain all of the features of the previous versions: feature regression.1

Apple did the same thing with iWork ’09. The very latest versions are designed to work on iPads and in the more common browsers (on any platform) for shared (cloud-based) use. To accomplish that, significant features were dropped without notice.

This is utterly infuriating for power users and fuels my technology backlash, which has already become enormous! I’m almost to the point of abandoning a lot of my tech.2

At any rate, I just installed iWorks ’09 on my new Mac Pro. I purchased iWork ’09 the year it came out. My install CD/DVD installed:

  • Keynote 5.0 instead of 5.3
  • Numbers 2.0 instead of 2.3
  • Pages 4.0 instead of 4.3

This software was first released some 5 years ago and languished with few updates as Apple engineers were busy writing the latest versions of the software—versions that lack the same features as the ’09 software. Additionally, the differences between the initial 2009 app releases ( versions .0) and their last updates (versions .3) was huge!

Since I want many of the abandoned features and use them regularly, I wanted to install the 2009 .3 updates to my Mac Pro. The old versions are no longer offered on the App Store. This required 2 frustrating, long calls to Apple Support, which is also regressing. I won’t bother going into all of the misinformation I was fed by Apple support. I finally got to a support agent that knew what he was talking about.

If you want the latest iWork ’09 download updates (from the .0 to the .3 updates) you can download them at this link, as long as Apple keeps it up on their site. It’s well hidden, and Google searches never located it for me. Here is the link:

iWork ’09 Download Link

From where I sit, I see Apple fueling their own ultimate demise.


  1. With some software titles (like Final Cut Pro X) this has been so serious as to cause an enormously significant user base to stop using Apple software all together. 

  2. It’s just too needy, too open to theft (from the NSA and the corporate tech industry), and provides insufficient empowerment for the rights I lose and the time tech maintenance requires. I realize that I am not the typical tech user, but I’m getting fed up with these issues.