2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Service Nailed It

2013 Tesla Model S

After posting (and complaining a bit) about my first Tesla service experience, I feel compelled to post about the second one.

Tesla brought a Volvo rental car to the house, picked up our Tesla for its follow up service visit, and the assistant service manager returned it to us, and took away the rental car. When he arrived at the house and jumped out of the car introducing himself, he called me by name (my correct name!) and went through everything they did to the car. He simply could not have been any more pleasant, thorough, or helpful.

Everything we had questions about was addressed. Additionally, the shop had already called to discuss the repairs. They then called to make sure the car’s return was at a convenient time.

But even more unbelievable was that I received a call today from Tesla Corporate. I suspect the fact that I had my car in the service center popped up on Luke’s (Ownership Experience Advocate) office computer. He was calling to make sure everything had gone smoothly, that the service team got my name right, etc. If I had any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns he asked that I contact him by email or phone.

Really, rather amazing.

This was first class service. This level of personal attention was completely over the top!

Not only did Tesla read my satisfaction survey, the company went out of its way to make sure I was more than satisfied with my service experience. I’m just very, very impressed!

Tesla totally rocks! Gotta love this company! Totally love this car!