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Tesla Continues to Impress Me

Tesla LogoI recently posted about my service experience with Tesla. Shortly after that post we received a feedback survey from the company. The survey was short and to the point and included a text box in which you could type anything else you wished to share.

I shared most of my general thoughts about the service experience the same ones I presented in my previous post.

Today I unexpectedly heard back from Tesla, thanking me for taking the time to provide them with information about my recent service experience, helpfully addressing one of my specific concerns, and also thanking me for my general thoughts and ideas about how Tesla can improve their customer service experience overall. Even while I’m no expert in such matters, my thoughts and suggestions were shared with the VP of Sales and Service. In addition to addressing my specific concerns, the email went on to say:

Your feedback is being heard and all of our customers will benefit from it. If you have any other specific thoughts…

I have very high hopes for this company! They have reinvented the car and car sales. I have little doubt they will reinvent the customer service experience as well!

Yes, if you ask me: Tesla rocks!