Rodeheaver Auditorium, 2009, Bob Jones University

Attend Bob Jones University?

Moms and dads , if you can read and watch this and still bless your child’s attendance at Bob Jones University, I simply have no respect for you. None.
I‘ve written a lot about my former alma mater, Bob Jones University. But, you know, the truth is: I want to stop writing about this family business. I don’t like spending my time thinking and writing about things that are so negative, ugly, and hurtful. Unfortunately, I can’t. Not yet.

Rodeheaver Auditorium, 2009, Bob Jones University
Rodeheaver Auditorium, 2009, Bob Jones University


The topics always seem to remain the same:

  • homophobia,
  • misogyny,
  • racism,
  • and a loathing for appropriate, professional peer review and oversight.

But the reason I can’t stop writing about this institution is that the light of day doesn’t seem to be shining any where near the bottom of these issues about which this family business seems so utterly indifferent, perhaps even proud—taking a stand.

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Below is a list of the posts I’ve written about Bob Jones University. The number indicates how upsetting of late1 I have found the family business to be. The articles are listed in the order of oldest (top) to most recent (bottom).

A Direct Message to Parents

I just read and watched Claire Gordon and Sarah Hoye’s reports on Al Jazeera America.

As parents, you have a duty and obligation to carefully review this material.

Anyone who believes and teaches, as the Berg’s reportedly do, that God punishes a child under the age of 12 with repeated rape by her stepfather because of some “root sin” in that little child’s life is #@$%^&~ CRAZY! Anyone who tells a person who is suffering from PTSD that their nightmares about being raped are their own sinful, pornographic thoughts for which they should repent is #@$%^&~ CRAZY! Anyone who tells a rape survivor that s/he needs to seek forgiveness from their rapist is #@$%^&~ CRAZY!

And Bob Jones University publishes (and profits off of) these crackpots’ materials?!

Wake up people! This is crazy talk.

This is a culture of INSANITY!


Mom’s and dads of students (and potential students) at Bob Jones University, if you can read and watch this, and read and watch all of the other reporting in the major media that I have cited here at my blog over the past 2 years, and still bless your child’s attendance at Bob Jones University, I simply have no respect for you. None!

I’m glad this story is being picked up by more and more media all over the country. The family business needs to go out of business! In my mind, this amounts to nothing less than fraud on so many levels!

A Direct Message to Students

Leave this place. Do not attend Bob Jones University! For what you are paying this family business, you deserve and are entitled to counseling and support services that are properly credentialed, that are recognized as legitimate by professionals in the field of counseling and therapy.

Enroll in one of the better Christian universities or even a state university. I just see no way you will not be better off.

A Direct Message to Faculty and Staff

Stop being complicit in all of this crazy. Either stand up NOW and demand deep, fundamental change that includes firing some very important people, or leave. I personally think your best option is to simply leave this very harmful, damaging environment. Supposedly the wicked state schools will hurt their students, but listen to what the Bergs are doing to your students! Listen to the crazy!


I’m rather confident you will hear from me again when the GRACE report is released in the next few weeks. People must know the facts. Shining the light of day on evil is the right thing to do. Catholic and Fundamentalist’s habit of sweeping sexual abuse and sexual assault all under the rug and blaming the victim has got to stop!


  1. I started writing about the family business in 2012.