Vincent Brady 360 Pano Time Lapse

360º Panorama Time Lapse Videos!

Vincent Brady Firefly Time Lapse on Lake Photo
Vincent Brady Firefly Long Exposure on Lake Photo

I hesitate to use a photo for this post, because each segment of his video has such a different look, and, as fantastic as they are, a photo misrepresents the most vital element of his work: the live motion. But these photos were on his site, which I recommend you check out! He also has done some very cool long exposure shots of fireflies.

I can’t imagine the complexity of 360º panorama time lapse video. It bends my brain. The whole stitching process must make one suicidal. But, to add another level of complexity, shoot the 360º video time lapse of night time star trails! And, to just explode the complexity curve, shoot from night time to day time.

This is some really technically difficult stuff. I’d love to chat with this guy and see exactly how he did it!

Vincent Brady 360 Pano Time Lapse
Vincent Brady 360 Pano Time Lapse

His 360º panoramic time lapse video work (apparently done with 4 cameras) isn’t without some issues, but the sheer technical feat of it amazes me. Additionally, some of his resulting footage gives us a very different perspective of the world in which we live. I always like artistic interpretations that show me the world in a way I’ve never seen it.

Check it out.

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