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West Peak, Mount Tamalpais: Mother Nature’s Drama

West Peak Mt. Tamalpais Video SnapA week ago today I was hunkered down on the west peak of Mount Tamalpais. I felt as though I were on top of the world because the wind was blasting dense fog straight toward me, just barely over my head. I could reach up and almost touch this ceiling of fog. Coming from the Pacific Ocean, the rapidly moving fog was a dramatic sight to behold, and I wanted to capture it in a time lapse. It was stunning stuff!

After shooting 2 time lapse, I shot several photos as the sky cleared. Because of the intense wind, you could see clearly for well over 30 miles. After the recent rain, the hills are unusually green, and the vistas from the west peak of Mount Tamalpais are stunning. So, naturally, I took the opportunity to shoot two 360º panoramas and two partial panos: one north and the other south, the city.

This video includes portions of both panos and sections of each time lapse. This is the first video in which I’ve ever included a full 360º panorama. They have a unique 3D parallax effect in the video.

This was a fun video to shoot and make. I hope you enjoy our backyard!