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mySQL Database Test

mySQL Database LogoToday is an important milestone in the ongoing updating and upkeep of my blog. This is the first “test” post to the mySQL database that lives on the A2 server, my new hosting company. You probably will not be able to read this post until after I pull the switch on changing where lives: moving the domain name server (DNS) from MediaTemple to A2.

I know next to nothing about database management (horror!) but have edited around 50,000 URLs in the old database in my effort to better organize the content presented here at I hope that is a fairly benign change. If all has gone well, you, the reader, will not notice anything different at all. However, the old uploads organizational schemes used by MovableType,, and are now consolidated using WordPress‘ organizational framework on the server.

About 35,000 files had to be relocated to accomplish this task. And, since I haven’t the time or patience to edit each URL by hand, I wrote a series of rules to edit the database file. Hopefully, I didn’t make too many mistakes! So this is my first post after fiddling with the mySQL database.

So why go to all of this trouble? This restructuring reduces my footprint on the new server. Since I’m approaching their limit for this server plan, I thought this wise.

Fingers crossed when I hit publish!