Lightning Strike

Scared the Hebegebees Out of Me

I swear! I must have greatly angered the weather deities! I’ve been experiencing too many weather events of late!

Lightning Strike

I tweeted on March 31st that I saw, no, experienced a dramatic lightning strike just outside the window of my office. Here are some of the details…

  • Just as it struck, the really loud sound of the torrential rain stopped. Total silence. Then Flash/BOOM! Together. Simultaneously. Did the sound get sucked up by the hot sizzling air moved by the lightning, or did I just not have the capacity to process all of the details of such a dramatic event? I don’t know. Maybe a science teacher can explain this to me.
  • The lightning caused the 4 UPSes (uninterrupted power supplies) running all of the electronics in this room to activate, but only for a very brief second. They all madly chirped like baby birds demanding a worm but then stopped straight away.
  • The most visceral part of the event was physically feeling the concussion (from the rapidly expanding air?) that hit me shortly after the stunningly loud thunder. It felt like a very hard shove that came through the windows/wall of my upstairs office.
  • The thunder went on rumbling and echoing through the canyons for several seconds. The sound was so loud it shook the house.
  • The lightning/thunder event was only preceded by rain. No real warning. So it was shockingly unexpected, and my body jolted with adrenaline. With racing heart and enough energy to leap tall buildings, I had no need to do anything but calm my body down.
  • About 10 minutes after the event, I got an email from the city of Sausalito. Two house were damaged by the lightning. One of them had all of its windows blown out. I don’t know what happened to the other.

On April 1st, we had another unexpected close strike. While not nearly as dramatic as yesterday’s, these things can sure get your heartbeat up!

Then there was that astounding wind that swept through Horseshoe Cove! Jeeze!

We have had a very dry winter; so, I’m not complaining in the least about the stunning amount of rain we have had in the past few weeks. I rather like it.

But… Just, WOW!

[hr] Yes, the photo is the view outside one of my 7 office windows. However, I confess to creating the lightning strike visual to the photo. [sheepish grin!]

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