Hiking in the Headlands

Video: A Sunday Afternoon (Rescue) in the Headlands

The entrance to the north bay is through the “Golden Gate” under the Golden Gate Bridge. The area was once owned by the military but was given to the National Park Service in the 1970’s I think. Today, it’s commonly referred to as the Headlands, over 66,000 acres of gorgeous, undeveloped wilderness. I rather enjoy roaming around out here.

Sunday, March 9th, was rather overcast and very still—no breeze coming off of the ocean when we took a walk, and I shot this footage on my iPhone. We happened upon a dramatic ocean, cliff-side helicopter rescue of an injured surfer made possible by the unusual calm of the wind.

This brief video, below, highlights some of the apps and plugins I used in post production to overcome some of the challenges faced shooting with a handheld iPhone. The video shows the before/after comparison.

The plugins mentioned include:.

I also used Photoshop to significantly edit a picture shot on the iPhone and included in the video.