Feels Like a Really Big Step…

Tesla (Interior)
Choosing the dark blue

We are in a quandary: which car do we replace with the Tesla S 85 (which arrives April 22nd, the day after Earth Day)??

  • the Nissan Leaf (which we love but only has an effective range of 60 – 80 miles in these hills, which, by the way, is perfectly adequate for 95% of all of our daily driving needs)?
  • the Lexus RH 450h SUV (which is a large, comfy hybrid)?

Chloé, Nissan LeafWe are told that the Tesla has a realistic range of 265 miles here, which is about how far the Lexus will go on a tank of gas. We could, today, drive up (or down) the west coast in the Tesla. BTW: the super chargers take 30 minutes to charge from a completely dead battery and are free for all Tesla owners. You can see where the chargers currently are as well as where they will be by the end of 2014 and 2015 on this map. By the end of 2015, 98% of the US population will have access to a supercharger center. The Tesla supercharging infrastructure is already impressive!

Tesla SuperChargers Today
Tesla SuperChargers Today


  • The Tesla is a large car, with ample space for carrying lots of things because both the hood and the hatchback offer large storage areas.
  • The Tesla is a very comfortable car for road trips.
  • We could rent a car if we ever planned to take a road trip to a place without access to a super charger center, but we would probably never do that. In the past 5.5 years on the west coast, we have only taken two road trips. One of those (LA to San Rafael) could certainly be driven in the Tesla. (I would have to research the drive to Nevada to see if it would be possible today, but we have no reason to drive there now.)

Lexus RX 450hI find the idea of going completely electric and not paying for any gasoline at all very, very appealing. (Yes, I hate the oil empires that much!) Essentially, because we have solar power on the house, by staggering when the two cars charge during the night, we would drive for free. (We can set when each car charges to when the rates are the lowest in the middle of the night. The power company pays us more for the electricity we put on the grid during the day than they charge for the electricity we would use in the middle of the night.)

I think we are leaning heavily to going all electric for our transportation. When this idea was floated to a friend, the response was: “Are you sure you weren’t born in Marin?!”

This feels like a really big step to me. Are we missing something?

6 thoughts on “Feels Like a Really Big Step…”

  1. LOVED my Prius. Bought the Nissan Leaf to replace it and go all electric. Interestingly, most Tesla owners were former Prius owners!

  2. I would think if the car has both the pick up and handles the way you want, go for it.

  3. I think I’d keep my options open with the Lexus for the next few years just in case the grid goes down, there’s a local/regional blackout, earthquake, etc. or you decide to drive to Alaska or West Virginia…

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