Stunning Doesn’t Adequately Describe…

the amazing work of “gravity glue” artist, Michael Grab. I have always been an enthusiast of the beautiful equilibrium of improbable rock stacks, but Michael’s work takes this mystic artistry to a whole new level! Not only is his ability to balance odd shaped rocks in equilibrium unprecedented, the photography of his work is also stunning! You simply must check… Continue reading

Tender, Flaky Salmon in Crispy Prosciutto — Yum!

Every time I go to Saylor’s restaurant, on Bridgeway Boulevard in Sausalito, they seem genuinely glad to see me and go out of their way to be welcoming. I’ve been eating here regularly for over two years now. Last week, they had a special: Salmon wrapped in crisped strips of prosciutto served with pesto, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed spinach.… Continue reading