Timothy Higgins – Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony

Another Random Conversation

Timothy Higgins – Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony
Timothy Higgins – Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony

Night at the San Francisco Symphony…

Mahler‘s 3rd Symphony is about an hour and fifty minutes long with no intermission. Our seats are in the middle of the row. So, I minimized liquids at dinner, went to the bathroom twice before the concert began, and remained standing until the concert master appeared. There were two empty seats next to me, and an extremely gorgeous young lady appeared. She too stood, next to me, waiting until we had to sit.

Me: I need to stand as long as possible in order to sit for nearly 2 hours.

Her: Oh, I’m the same way. Would you like for me to put your coat in the empty seat next to me?

Me: No, I can hold it in my lap, but thank you for asking. Is the other member of your party not coming tonight?

Her: Oh, no. It’s just me. I’ve come to hear my husband.

Me: Really?! So, he’s in the symphony?

Her: Yes. He’s the principal trombonist, and he has a major solo tonight. It’s the longest instrumental solo in all of orchestral literature, and I’m a little nervous for him.

Me: I’m sure he will be magnificent. All of the musicians in this orchestra are just stunning beyond belief.

Her: Yes, we really are so fortunate to have such an amazing symphony!

As the concert began, she sat tall and folded her hands in her lap. You could tell she was both excited and a bit nervous for her husband. The trombone solos are in the first movement, and he performed, not just flawlessly, but masterfully, with a broad breadth of nuanced musicality typical of only the most seasoned musicians. From the distance he appeared to be young, very young.

After the performance I spoke of how exciting and fantastic his solos were.

Me: If I may ask, how old is your husband?

Her: He’s 32, and he made principal chair when he was 26. [You could tell she was rightfully very proud of her husband.]

Me: Are you also a musician?

Her: Oh, no. I’m an actress.

Well, best wishes to both of these amazingly talented and very attractive people! Unless we engage, we never know the stories of the people who cross our paths.