Steps and Miles Per Week

Walking Desk Step Counts

So, I’ve had the walking desk for one full week. I know I’ve been walking more, a lot more. But today I wanted to figure out exactly how the desk is impacting my being more active.

Out of the Ordinary

The first thing I noticed that really is out of keeping for me: yesterday, when I was having tea here at the house with a neighbor while discussing local politics, I found myself standing up. Without consciously thinking about it at first, I felt I had been sitting down too long and had grown uncomfortable. So, I just stood up. Odd. Then I consciously realized I was standing and why.

FitBit Data

I’ve been a huge fan of my little FitBit. In fact, I probably would have never realized how inactive I tend to be had I not had this little guy. I’ve actually gone through several of them (various issues) through the years. Steve absolutely always walks well over 10,000 steps a day. (The goal is 10,ooo steps per day.) I very, very rarely walked anywhere near 10,000 steps. But the last week has been significantly different!

Daily Steps Per Week
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Not only did I walk over 40 miles in the last 7 days, with an average of 5.78 miles per day, I walked almost 85,000 steps in total. The previous week I walked over 24 miles, with an average of 2.92 miles per day and over 51,000 steps, and that number was a bit high because I volunteered at Point Bonita.

Steps and Miles Per Week
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3 thoughts on “Walking Desk Step Counts”

  1. Glad you got your new walking desk. My daughter has used one for the last couple of years and loves it too.

  2. Impressive… reminds me of the old drafting tables we could adjust up or down to keep from getting cramped up. I still like working at a higher table, standing. How high is your desk? Does it tilt?

  3. The desk itself does not tilt–is flat. But the keyboard tray tilts b/w +10º and -15º as well as raises and lowers for a significant amount of adjustment. It also swivels nearly 90º to the left and right. The desk height is motorized and can be adjusted from about 24 inches in height to about 50 inches high. With the treadmill under the desk, I walk comfortably at the desk when it is set to 48″.

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