Dena Fog (Closeup)

Bitten By Bodega Bay Bug

SignWe spent this weekend up at Bodega Bay. I’ve always thought Bodega Bay was a nice place, but on this trip we found Bodega Head. It’s gorgeous! A mini headlands that is every bit as dramatic! Now, as a result, I’m way into Bodega Bay: headlands with gorgeous hiking trails, whale watching, a lovely calm bay, a thriving fishing industry (which means amazing seafood restaurants), and fantastic/changing weather.

Saturday morning the fog burned off around 10am. We headed out to drive around the area. I was particularly interested in getting as close as possible to the headlands on the other side of the bay, facing the ocean. Neither of us had any idea one can actually drive all the way out to it. The views are stunning!

Bodega Head
Notice the scale of the whale watchers in the far, top right of the picture. (click to enlarge)


Bee The Whale Mother
(click to enlarge)

I met Bee in the parking area near the tip of Bodega head. She calls herself the Whale Mother and has been watching whales here for 27 years. The two dozen plus whale watchers were beside themselves because, not too far out to sea, a juvenile whale was breaching! We saw it breach 7 times: come flying up out of the water and then create an enormous splash as it came back down. This was not only the first time I have ever seen whales breach, it is also apparently a first for this area. January is late for the whales to even be migrating south.

Bee also told me that whales swim 24 hours a day with half their brain sleeping at any one time; so, they can surface to breath. I had never considered this before.

In the photo, you can see Bee has a display area she sets up next to the back of her truck, and she wears a green vest (along with several of the other people present) that reads Whale Watch across the back. I love meeting such interesting people. Also notice in the photo the distant fog which came creeping in again around 2pm or so.

Bodega Head has many stunning views. On Sunday, which was cloudless and fog-free, we saw a guy who had climbed down to an ocean beach on the south side photo (The “path” down looked nothing short of deadly! I have no idea how he was going to climb back up!) and was swimming in nothing but a bathing suit in the freezing water. Nuts!

Bodega Head South
View to the south. Notice the scale of the people along the far top. (Click to enlarge)


Bodega Head North
View to the north


Crab Cages
Stacks of Crab Traps


Crab Cages (CloseUp)
Close Up of a Crab Cage


The thick fog moved in over Bodega Head while we were hiking back to the car. The temperature dropped dramatically as the wind picked up blowing the fog. On the way back around Flat Bay road, I shot several photos of the boats around Spud Point and along the east side of the bay.


Justine Marie Fog (cooler color temperature)
She’s for sale!


Harbor Disappears in the Fog
Socked in


Dena Fog (without the holiday tree)
Before the area was completely engulfed in fog…


Dena Fog (Closeup)
Before the area was completely engulfed in fog…


Caledonian in the Fog about to set out to sea
The Caledonian set sail shortly after I shot this picture.


The next morning was fog free, so I got up before sunrise to shoot these.

South at Sunrise
Small, low lying fog trails over the water in the distance


Bodega Head (South at dawn)

Bodega Head South (Long Exposure)
Long exposure


One final thing about the trip: I didn’t know that Alfred Hitchcock filmed his horror movie, The Birds, here at Bodega Bay. (The movie is actually set in Bodega Bay.) The restaurant at which we ate dinner on Saturday night had photos and articles about it near the entrance. The restaurant, The Tides, is built out over the bay and is long and linear with windows all along the side facing the water. On the bottom outside of the building, facing the up and out over the water, they have large black lights.

Once the light from the sun was completely gone, with the outside view lit with black light and completely socked in with fog, white birds (sea gulls and such), as they flew by the window had the most bizarre and unnerving purple glow about them. Every time, I was shocked by the unexpected and sudden appearance of a purple glowing bird. Very bizarre and effective.

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