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He Said the Most Unexpected Thing…

Golden GateYes, I live in a liberal place and just couldn’t be happier about that!

A couple of weeks ago we were hanging out in one of our favorite places in the Headlands—a bench that sits high above the ground so your legs can swing underneath as you gaze at the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city.

A handful of people came and went as we sat for a good while, but 3 people (2 guys and a woman) seemed to stand off near the forts and remain while we were just taking in the view and the fresh air.

After maybe 10 minutes, one of the guys came over to us and said the most unexpected thing:

My friend is a professional photographer, and we are about to do a nude photo shoot if that will not offend you. Do you mind?

2 thoughts on “He Said the Most Unexpected Thing…”

    1. LOL. Well, the cliff hanger is a better ending than what actually happened.

      Of course, we said we wouldn’t be offended. [I mean, this is San Francisco where the annual Bay to Breakers Race (along with other events) is encoded into law as an “appropriate time” to be nude in public. I’ve never run or watched the race, but the photos are readily available in the SF Chronicle or a quick Google search: link NSFW. Lots of people run naked that day! To each his or her own.]

      The trio in our little encounter about which I posted apparently moved to the opposite end of the fort for the shoot; so, I was never to know if the beautiful, thin, Asian lady with the long, flowing, black hair was the photographer, the photographer’s assistant, the model, or only one of the models. Alas.

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