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AppleTV & Living in the Moment

AppleTV IconWarning: venting!

I have to wait! Every time I go to use an Apple product, something has either updated or wants to be updated. And this house has 14 Apple devices! God, that’s a lot of waiting!!!

Today I wanted to listen to my music library jazz playlist via the AppleTV in the living room while I folded clothes. (Yes, I do that myself.) I assume something about the AppleTV had updated itself because I had to wait for my iCloud music to do whatever the hell it had to do so it would play again.

I finished folding the clothes before the damned thing finished.

This is just one reason I hate the cloud and hate streaming services.

Movies purchased via AppleTV take a good 30 – 45 minutes to download sufficiently before you can start to watch them at 1080. What the hell?! When I want to watch something, I don’t want it to become some event I have to plan an hour in advance!

This is crap!

You can watch things sooner (via Netflix, HBO Go and iTunes through AppleTV) if you want to sacrifice video quality. And now they want to start talking about 4K video when we can’t get to 2K video for 45 minutes?! Forget it!

This is why I prefer DVDs! But Steve Jobs wanted to take those away from us. (How many Apple devices sell with a built in Blu-ray player? Zero! They never supported them!) Netflix wants to take those away from us, too. Try finding anything but the most high sales volume popular crap in the Blu-ray DVD section of Target or Best Buy. Besides, I want to move away from big box stores and their distribution networks.

The great purveyors of media and distribution networks want to force us to pay per view. “The cloud is wonderful!”


I want to live in the moment.

I choose to live in the now.

I hate the cloud!