Maximum Wage

Minimum and Maximum Wage

Maximum Wage

I don’t just favor an increase in the minimum wage, I want to cap the amount of money anyone can earn. In other words, I want a maximum wage.

I have often said that there is nothing any human being can do on this planet that makes their annual earning power worth tens of millions of dollars. Nothing.

Even if a person came up with a cure for cancer or AIDS or diabetes, that should be given freely to society just as Jonas Salk gave his cure for polio to all of humanity. (I’ve blogged about him before.)

I don’t have anything against people being rich. I really don’t. But! …

Unfettered, irresponsible greed, unhinged from any social commitment to the good of humanity, and all of the wicked, “religious” justifications for that “it’s all about me” mentality must stop. (I simply can not believe that people of faith continue to be duped into believing all of the nonsense about the lazy people sponging off of all of the rest of us! After all, 44% of homeless people are employed!) The income disparity in this nation is outrageously out of control.

For an interesting and highly informative video about how bad the income disparity is, I recommend the video below.