Electric Meter

Total Annual Cost Is a Steal

Electric MeterThis month was “true up” month with the electric company. In other words, we had pay the difference between what we had been paying for electricity every month over the last year (a flat rate of $4.00 per month) and the actual cost of the electricity we actually used.

Our monthly average electric bill for the 12 months prior to installing solar was $301.72.

Our monthly average electric bill after installing solar panels was $62.33.

The solar panels saved us a whopping 79% of the total cost of electricity.

Now, factor in the fact that we charge our electric car with this energy (in addition to running the house) and pay nothing for gasoline. Therefore, the $62.33 includes our “gasoline” bill for the vast majority of our driving. (By the way, Chloé, our electric car, has now taken us over 10,100 gas-free, silent miles without a single problem or maintenance expense.) [I suspect we would also greatly reduce our electric bill if we were not running a hot tub year-round.]

Too bad PG&E can’t put a meter on the sun, NOT!

I just love free, renewable energy!