Greece/Denmark: Day Six — Travel Day: Santorini to Athens

Yay!! Santorini was spectacular, but the internet connection, my life blood, was a horror, not even working at all most of the time. Now I’m in a lovely hotel in Athens, The Electra Palace in the Plaka (the old city), with a stunning view of the Acropolis, and high speed Internet that actually works reliably!! I suspect the internet on Santorini was satellite-based, and with the high winds, that was really a problem.

Sad to say goodbye to our little kittie cat. He seemed to like our villa the best. I’m sure the bowl of Friskies we put out twice a day didn’t hurt. We left the unfinished box of food for the next guests to feed him.

Weddings are just over the top in Santorini. When I was packing, I wondered why this guy in the villa to the right kept taking photos of these diamond-studded, high heeled, white shoes. He would move them all over the place for the pictures. Huh? Had they designed them and were now shooting pictures for marketing? Then a makeup crew arrived. Then he started shooting pictures of the wedding dress. Ah! That’s when it all made sense. How much is that bride paying for her wedding pictures that the photographers, a guy and a girl, are put up in a large villa at Duma Villas in Santorini?! I shutter to think.

The drive in to the city of Athens was vastly improved from my trip to the airport 10 years ago before the new roads to the new airport were finished for the Olympics.

The streets in the oldest section of the city, where the hotel is located, are like ancient Rome and London: extremely narrow and utterly chaotic, making no navigational sense at all. What a mess.