Greece/Denmark: Day One — Travel Day: San Francisco – JFK – ATH to Santorini

PreBoarding offers those passengers who need extra time, because they are in wheelchairs or a cast or are aged, or have tiny children in tow, to board the plane first, even ahead of first class customers. Today that courtesy was extended to those who carry an obscenely large wedding dress in a bag onto the plane. How special. Good grief. Why not just buy the thing in Athens?! (Based on the bag, it was not a family heirloom.)

I hate travel days. I hate them and airport security more than just about anything. I don’t sleep on planes. I’ve been up now about 24 hours and am miserable. Waiting for 2 hours now here in Athens for the final flight to Santorini.

In Athens they inspect each piece of camera gear, and I mean down to taking the caps off of the lenses! Consolation prize: You don’t have to take off your shoes!