Obama Blog Closing Tribute Screenshot

Down Memory Lane

My blog is about 6 months away from being 10 years old. I began blogging back in March, 2004. That’s just hard to believe. In some ways that seems like a lifetime ago while in others it seems like just yesterday.

At present, my blog contains 3,156 posts, an average of  332 posts a year, or nearly 1 post per day. I have exactly 500 approved comments on my blog, and goodness knows how many junk/spam comments were rejected through the years. I began my blog with Moveable Type but migrated to WordPress when WP3 was introduced about 3 years ago (September, 2011?).

So, I’ve been pondering my blog a bit: why I’ve enjoyed it so, what it reflects about me and who I am, the past it depicts, how my perspective has changed over the past 10 years… That kind of stuff.

Interestingly, I have closed my blog for one week 3 different times over the past decade. Offered without comment, these are the screenshots of my blog on those closings:

General Redden Blog Closing Tribute Screenshot
Obama Blog Closing Tribute Screenshot
Steve Jobs Blog Closing Tribute Screenshot


How quickly time passes.