Oh, The Thrill of It All!

CleaningYou know how it goes: Small things break, get messed up, or otherwise need a bit of attention. But they aren’t that important in the moment. You think, “I’ll fix it when I get around to it.”

Well, over the past year or two or three, little things on my blog, small yet annoying things, have broken and needed a bit of attention. Yesterday and today, I finally “got a round to-it!”

So here’s that to which I have attended:

  • I got rid of that horrible CAPTCHA where you try to read those absurdly difficult-to-read, curvy, crooked, blotchy letters before commenting. Now, you just have to answer a simple little question before commenting. It’s easy for humans. It’s not so easy for computer robots. Sorry Sistoid, they usually involve math.
  • My Twitter  buttons (at the bottom) all work again!
  • My Twitter feed actually shows my latest tweets again!
  • The weather widget in the sidebar no longer has those weird shadowy things!
  • The Follow Me icons no longer are too wide!
  • The Google Translate this page widget works again!
  • My iPhoneography widget is now totally self-hosted: doesn’t involve Instagram or Flickr any more at all.

I also took care of some more complex tasks that you, the user never see: My Mint account is all tidied up again, removed from old versions of my blog, and working properly on my current WordPress blog installation. (OK, so it took me about 3 years to get to that! It was a more time consuming job.)

And, finally, I’m dabbling with some new features that may begin to appear here at over the next several months.

I’m just glad to have finally done some blog house cleaning! It was past due.