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Best Social Network E.V.E.R–Hands Down

This would be really funny if it weren’t such an outrageous act of government intrusion into the innocent lives of its citizenry! Check it out at:

Oh, and Mark Zuckerberg, over at Facebook, wants to give everyone the internet, declaring it to be a human right? And privacy and freedom of speech* are not?! His motives are just too obvious: Dude just wants to sell more ads to get richer. He, just like the NSA, wants to know more about everyone on the planet!

What’s next: quantifying the value of a human life? The more your purchasing power, the more value, the better the police and fire departments, the better the health care, the better the schools. Oh, we do that already.

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*Remember he censors Facebook status updates that even hint at being critical of Walmart, one of his big ad buyers.