Radio Sausalito

Radio Sausalito

Radio Sausalito
Click to stream some awesome jazz

I finally got around to getting my haircut. Yes, I go to the Caledonia Street Barber Shop here in town.

Today I noticed the music on their AM radio: Radio Sausalito: 1610 on our radio dial. It was some awesome vintage jazz.

I had no idea Sausalito has an advertising-free, 24 hour jazz radio station.

I’m lovin’ it! Great jazz!!

So, I tuned in on the way to the dry cleaners. Here I am at the house, listening through the internet.

I even love the vintage AM fidelity in the car!! Might even have to buy me a vintage AM radio for my desk!

So, have a listen, and check out their web site.

(Ya gotta love the tide guy!)

SFGate: Jonathan Westerling and Radio Sausalito