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More Corporate @#$% @HomeDepot UPDATED

Home DepotSo, you call Home Depot and schedule a date for them to come in a measure for a new carpet install. They take all of your address and payment information. You instantly get an email confirmation before hanging up.

You make clear to them that you may need to change the date because you are coordinating this with another person, on the other side of the country, that will let them in to do the measuring. “No problem.” you are told. “Just call us back in advance to reschedule if this date will not work.”

I call the handyman. The date will not work.

I call Home Depot to reschedule. They can’t reschedule until the payment is processed. It will not be processed until after the date they are scheduled to measure.

Setting this up has already taken about a dozen phone calls. One number to get the “correct” number. One number to schedule, another to reschedule, another number to purchase an appliance….

What the hell?!

I buy something in the store and its drafted out of my checking account before I get home with it!

UPDATE: I was told to call back the next day to see if the payment had been processed. It hadn’t been, but when I told her I would just cancel the measurement and set up another one, she told me she would make a call to get my payment “pushed through” and then call me back. A couple of moments later I started getting confirmation emails of the payment. She called back and the day was rescheduled.