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Flickr logoI’ve been a Flickr fan for years. I’ve had a pro account for several years.

Yes, admittedly, Flickr had become a bit stale. But lately they have been heating up, a lot!

Their new Flickr iOS app rocks! Love it! While it hasn’t reached a point to be a replacement for my favorite iPhone camera app, KitCam, it still rocks. I use Flickr now far more socially than ever before!

Today, they rolled out their new Flickr web design and account plans.

My God!

Awesome work!

Not only are they now offering everyone a free TERABYTE of disk space (holy cow!), they have pumped up the site to epic proportions!

I mentioned that I’ve been a paying member for some time now. Well, heck, with a free terabyte, I could easily fit all of my little photos. (I only have uploaded just over 10,000. The new plan easily will accommodate 250,000 average sized camera phone photos.)

And Flickr did the decent thing: sent us all an email. Tim, would you like to cancel your pro membership and go free?

As everyone knows, I hate ads and chose to keep my pro account. But the fact that they chose to do the decent thing and made the offer impresses me! A lot!

So, my photography will be getting even more social as time goes on.

Thanks Flickr!

Yahoo: Awesome job lately!