Sausalito Sunset from Our Front Yard

Gettin’ My Groove On…

All we need is a disco ball in this video: a time lapse of the sunset in Sausalito as seen from the front yard.

The closest cloud interested me. I had high hopes, expecting great and swirly things from it.

About 20 minutes into the time lapse shoot, I noticed that the clouds to the west, by Mount Tamalpais, looked awesome and were just going to get more amazing as the sun went down. But I was already invested in my little cloud that fizzled, and I couldn’t figure out how to shoot the mountain without getting the neighbor’s ghastly shiny roof vent thing that sticks up 4 feet into the air.  🙁

You will notice the bank of clouds extending from the right and going behind Angel Island—that’s fog that has rolled past the Golden Gate bridge and into the bay. I love how it roils about. Ahhh…. What a place to live. So very lucky!

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