Tim Sunburned

When It Happens…

Tim Sunburned
A Badly Sunburned Tim!

It happens really quickly!

I was “camped out” atop Hawk Hill, determined I was going to shoot a time lapse of the fog burning off the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay, and the city. The whole area was completely socked in with dense, fast moving fog. Torrents of fog were moving in over my head and down on top of me (as you can see in the time lapse), from the Pacific Ocean.

It just couldn’t last all morning!

Well, it came and went and then came back again. Then… suddenly… It cleared.

All morning I had been cold in the fog and blasting wind and had no idea that in the few hours I sat on top of the hill, I was getting a terrible sunburn!


Now my skin is peeling!

So, about 3.5 hours compressed into 60 seconds. Enjoy!

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