Another Geek Moment

GeekMy apologies. I can never set up this code correctly to properly link the audio and the slideshow. The code below does just that and is included here on my “memory in the sky” for my future reference.

Below is the code when embedding a SlideShowPro (Slide Show Pro, SSP) slideshow into a post. This code accomplishes:

  • Audio is off on initial load
  • Slideshow does not automatically start playing
  • Audio play behavior is linked to the slideshow play behavior (starting/stopping the slideshow starts/stops the audio).
  • Audio loops if the slideshow plays longer than the audio file duration
  • The slideshow controls and information are hidden until the user mouses over the slideshow.
  • The width/height are the same aspect ratio as my 5Dmk2 photos with additional space for navigation

The order of the code flashvars seems to be relevant, and the line numbers are not used.

 attributes: {
 id: "[As provided by SSP admin panel]",
 width: 580,
 height: 386
 mobile: {
 auto: false,
 poster: "vignette"
 params: {
 bgcolor: "#000000",
 allowfullscreen: true
 flashvars: {
 xmlFilePath: "[As provided by SSP admin panel]",
 audioAutoStart: "Off",
 displayMode: "Manual",
 audioLoop: "On",
 panZoom: "Off",
 mediaPlayerAppearance: "Hidden",
 navAppearance: "Visible on Rollover"

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Had this been an actual slideshow, you would be seeing pictures now. You are not.