Something Evil Is Afoot

Google Reader LogoDeath of the morning paper? You have no idea!

Google announced yesterday that it is killing off Google Reader. Google claims they are doing this because, “RSS is a dying technology.”

Don’t believe them for a minute, because I believe that statement is a flat out lie.

RSS isn’t just alive and well, it’s thriving like never before, but corporate America wants to own it, not let you have RSS for free, which we pretty much had until Facebook changed all of that. And now Google, with their Google+ version of Facebook, wants to force you into their walled garden of RSS feeds. Google wants to make more money! That’s what this is about.

You see, every Facebook and Google+ account is its own RSS feed. When you “friend” someone, you are simply subscribing to their RSS feed. That RSS feed is what brings your friends’ content to your timeline, automatically, every time your friends (people whose RSS feed you have subscribed to) post. It’s a simple and brilliant and open technology. And, as you see with the growth of Facebook and Google+, and Instagram, and Flickr’s return from the dead, and so many others, RSS is very much alive and well.

Corporate America, unfettered, unregulated capitalism, wants to own your access to the RSS feed and make money off of it, like Facebook, and now Google.

I start every day by going to my RSS feed reader to catch up on all of my Internet reading: hundreds of blogs and websites to which I subscribe. Their content comes to me every day, all throughout the day, in real time, through their RSS feeds. I get to quickly read literally thousands of posts every day through RSS feeds.

The problem is, they all come through Google Reader, which Google is killing because they want me and all of my RSS feed activity to take place in Google+ where they can sell advertising and make money. Google wants to own RSS.

Not just “No,” but “”Hell, No!”

I will not create a Google+ account. I already hate my Facebook, or Adbook, as I prefer to call it, account. I’m fed up with corporate America making money off of my content, the content I post to the Internet: my photos, my posts, my updates, my videos. My stuff. Me.

I do not want my life, nor my life experiences commodified by corporations. I don’t want corporations to control and profit from people’s access to my freely shared life experiences.

This makes me angry, very angry. The free Internet is dying, is being killed off by wealthy, greedy corporate interests that have already stolen my government.

So, starting July 1st, I will no longer be able to read my digital, 21st century, “morning paper,” my RSS feeds, because they all come to us (not just me) through Google Reader.

Shame on Google.

I always knew deep in my gut that their motto, “Do no harm” was nothing but empty horse #%+^! Their motto really is, “Make more $$$!”