Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat
Glows red when heating, blue when cooling

Oh, I forgot to tell everyone. We now have a Nest. You know, the cool thermostat that was created by Tony Fadell, who headed up Apple’s iPod division for many years.

As it turned out, our thermostat, a rather sophisticated affair, died back in November. After suffering for a few weeks, waiting for the new model of the Nest to come to market, I finally bought a cheap thermostat as a temporary measure. It’s just plane cold in this town!

We finally got the Nest and installed it.

It’s really neat, very well designed and made. You don’t really need to program it. The thermostat just learns from how you use it and programs itself.

We can control the Nest from our phones (the Nest app), computers (the Climate app), and the web. It provides us with a great deal of information and options. For example, I just got an email summary for the month of February: the house was heated for 107 hours. (Goodness!) Also, another example, when the thermostat doesn’t notice anyone is home, it automatically goes into “Away” mode to save energy. Yes, it can tell when people are in the house. It even begins to glow when you walk up to it.

Tim likes!

Climate App
Notice the house temperature (in the menu bar) and the temperature outside