Yay! Finally!!

Smiley faceAfter hours have been spent over numerous attempts to get the plugin slickr flickr to work properly, I finally nailed it!

Lest I forget, here is the required code (the entirety of which must be enclosed in square brackets which is not done here or the plugin would try to execute the code which is missing my api_key and full set number):

slickr-flickr  api_key="insert_my_api_key_here" search="sets" set="set_number_ends_with_1169" tag="iPhoneography" items="50" sort="date"  direction="descending" type="slideshow" size="s320" align="center" descriptions="off" flickr_link="on" private="on" attribution="I shot all of these photos with my iPhone."

All photos uploaded to my Flickr account, into the iPhoneography set, must also contain the tag “iPhoneography” or they are not coded to appear in this sidebar text widget.

I know this leaves most people cold, but this code makes the slickr flickr WordPress widget plugin show the 50 most recent photos I shoot on my iPhone with KitCam (and upload to my Flickr account) appear in order in the sidebar to the left of this (and every) post. For months I couldn’t get it to work properly which was driving me mad.

Now, I have a complete Instagram substitute solution that I like even better than Instagram even before they went all capitalist pig nutzo on the whole world. (Yeah, @Instragram, you lost this user because of your greed!) I really like slicker flickr, but the pro version is prohibitively expensive for the casual user like me. I’m using the free version which has limitations.

Below is a demonstration of the code working in a post, showing the last 50 photos I shot with my iPhone using KitCam and uploaded to my Flickr iPhoneography set. (This should be identical to the sidebar widget.)

Click on the title below the picture to go to the full size image at Flickr.

[slickr-flickr api_key=”cd8beddab09c96b70162393e57c310ca” search=”sets” set=”72157626576991169″ tag=”iPhoneography” items=”50″ sort=”date” direction=”descending” type=”slideshow” size=”medium” align=”center” descriptions=”off” flickr_link=”on” private=”on” flickr_link_title=”Click to open the Flickr photo in a new window” flickr_link_target=”_blank” attribution=”I shot all of these photos with my iPhone.”]