Fiat 500 Commericial

The Onslaught of the Fiaticians

Fiat 500 CommercialEveryone who knows me knows of my complete disdain for advertising, but this commercial is special.

I love the design sensibilities and size of the new Fiat 500s. Their marketing campaign is crafty to say the least.

This commercial is very well done on several levels.

  1. It’s cleverly deceptive. The last thing Fiat wants you to know is that their car is made in Mexico. This commercial shows their cars leaving Italy to come to America. Brilliant. They never say their cars are made anywhere.
  2. The commercial shows the beauty of Italy. Who doesn’t love that gorgeous place?!
  3. The commercial makes no sense at all at the beginning. Why are the cars being driven off cliffs, docks, beaches and into the sea?
  4. The reflection of the Statue of Liberty clearly associates the Italian cars with the USA‘s primary point of immigration.
  5. The commercial tells a beloved story.
  6. The little crab at the end adds a nice finishing touch.