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Quick Trip to West Hollywood!

Theater graphicThis weekend we made a quick overnight trip to LA to meet up with friends, who also flew into the city of angels, to see a play. The trip, though short, was special. Seeing my dear friend, Mark, was wonderful. We haven’t seen each other in years, and he’s had a very difficult year but looks none the worse for wear!

I have to reassert my firm belief that the climate in LA is sheer paradise! No humidity. Cool, but not cold. Cloudless skies! God I love this weather!!

We ate at The Kettle, walked along the strand in our old city of Manhattan Beach, went to see Malaga Cove, drove by our old house, and chatted with old neighbors. Unquestionably, the new owners are not taking nearly as good care of the gardens as we did! And one of the Birds of Paradise is now taller than the house! Crazy big!!

After a quick dinner at Basix, we were off to the play. It was in a tiny theater and is running 4 times this weekend. We met the writer and producer with whom Mark has become rather well acquainted, even to the point of helping fund one of his recent movies.

The play was excellent, a well balanced mix of difficult and sensitive issues with some great humor. Well acted and featuring some wonderful stars whose work I adore, the play is a huge success. I hope it’s film version will be well received.

Today, as we fliy home, Mark  is currently with the writer/producer meeting the cast (as well as additional stars) and watching the third performance from the control room. He had his picture taken with several of the his favorite stars. Very happy for him!

[Totally proud of myself: I didn’t drop a single name! Well, except for Mark’s.]

Update: Steve ordered the script to the next season of the playwright’s TV series. I finished reading it yesterday. It’s sooo awesome!