Regent Street 12 Days of Christmas

Northern Lights: Day 2 — London, New Year’s Eve

Regent Street 12 Days of ChristmasAfter napping and getting my new glasses, we had dinner with friends who live just outside of London, the Davies. We met them at Leicester Square near the tube station. With the zillions of New Year’s Eve revelers, finding them was a bit of a challenge. We had been standing all but directly across he street for 15 minutes looking for them without seeing each other.

We walked to China Town for dinner. Near the end of the meal and catching up, an entire table tried to get out without paying. We were seated near the door where the scene unfolded. The tiny little Chinese waiter got in front of the big burly non-paying patrons, blocking their exit and demanding payment. I was convinced a fist fight was going to happen.

They were shouting and trying to push their way past the tiny waiter who wasn’t in the least intimidated by these big and boisterous men. I was impressed. The waiter wasn’t backing down, at all, even though he was one-fourth their size. The yelling continued as the big men pushed the waited down the stairs. I don’t know who won, but this was indeed like watching a Jerry Springer show.

After dinner John and Pauline went down to the river to watch the fireworks while we meandered back to the hotel via Regent street, where were displayed the 12 Days of Christmas over the vehicle-less streets. We were actually “swimming up stream” as everyone was trying to get down to the river’s edge. Once it the tube, the city was announcing that all viewing areas were full. I can only imagine the crowds.

While we couldn’t see the fireworks from the hotel room, we could hear them, and they sounded stunning. While they were not long, the grand finaly sounded utterly dramatic! Judging by the BBC YouTube clip below, they were indeed!

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