Double Rainbow Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Volunteering at the Lighthouse

I really enjoy being a docent at the Point Bonita Lighthouse. Saturday was particularly noteworthy. I seriously thought the lighthouse would be closed because of weather, but at the last minute, the day cleared up nicely. Well, until a couple of brief storms rushed in from the Pacific!

We close the bridge when the wind reaches 27mph. And while it never got that gusty, the sudden and unexpected hail pellets accompanied by some intense driving wind and rain made for an interesting mix! I was glad I was dressed for rain or I would have been soaked!

After the first set of storms, I shot this little video with my iPhone.

Ms. Paula Bauer
Ms. Paula Bauer inside the Point Bonita Lighthouse

Then Ms. Paula Bauer (She was proud of the German spelling.) came into the Lighthouse, where I was stationed. After being introduced we began talking. I love to hear people tell their stories. She was particularly delightful, and I asked her if I could take and share her picture. She agreed. (I didn’t realize she blinked when I took it.) I and the guests in the lighthouse at the time were entranced. Her father was one of the engineers that designed the Golden Gate Bridge, which celebrated it’s 75th birthday this year.

She recalled her mother telling her father, when he was working on the project, that people should be able to see the gorgeous views when they drive the bridge. He needed to design the bridge so people could see without the rails being in the way. And that’s exactly what he did. If you travel at 35 – 40 mph, the rails disappear and you can see through them as if they don’t exist. (I never knew that but have subsequently tested this. It’s a fact!)

Ms. Bauer told of their move to Hawaii where she saw the “birdies” fly over. She remembers them clearly. The birdies were the Japanese bombers en route to bomb the harbor. She recalled seeing them come from 3 different directions. Perhaps because she was only 2 at the time, she doesn’t recall anything else about the bombing, just seeing the planes flying so close overhead. She did recall all they had to eat was peanut butter since all of the food went to the troups.

Despite the holiday season and the sometimes harsh weather, we had over 200 visitors come all the way down to the lighthouse on Saturday, the 22nd. I saw numerous rainbows; two were the complete 180º! I saw the end of the rainbow on 4 rainbows. And, finally, I saw a double rainbow by the Golden Gate Bridge.

This gorgeous area just never disappoints!

The North Coast in the Headlands
The North Coast in the Headlands after the Storm


Double Rainbow Over the Golden Gate Bridge
Double Rainbow Over the Golden Gate Bridge


Beneath the Point Bonita Lighthouse Lens
Beneath the Point Bonita Lighthouse Lens


Storm Approaches
A Storm Approaches from the Pacific Ocean