2012 Solstice Tree

My Rebellious Spirit Rises!

Yep, I have one. I own it. I actually embrace it at times. Most often I hold it back.

But it is my rebellious spirit that makes me root for the underdog and makes me stand up for what I believe is right. (As a child I was always so compliant. Not so much so as an adult.)

So, when Fox and Fiends [not a typo] goes on their predictable annual warpath about the “War on Christmas” (which really is all about this nation’s insane preoccupation with spending money and has nothing to do with throwing God out of the public space) it pricks my rebelliousness. I actually then want to participate in Fox’ bogus “war!” Bring it on! Call in an air strike.

I’ll go first…

Here is a picture of our 2012 Solstice Tree. Isn’t it lovely at 8 feet tall?!

2012 Solstice Tree

I say, “Put the ‘Sol’ back in Solstice!” What about the war on the winter xstice?! “Put the ‘yule’ back in Yuletide!” What about the war on the xtide?!

As Neil deGrasse Tyson so aptly reminded the mindless Faux Not News anchors, “Happy Holidays” has

‘Holiday’ which derives from “Holy Day.” So it’s etymologically under-informed to assert that ‘Happy Holidays’ does not reference God.”

Under-informed. Isn’t he always the most polite man!

I say this is just a special time of year that means different things to different people, and that’s just all right with me. Get over your intolerance already.

I hope you had a Happy Solstice, and Merry New Year, everyone!